How to use SOOMUS? Check below step by step.

How to Add Content

When the term ‘Content’ is talked about in context with SOOMUS, it could be anything from a PowerPoint presentation to an image to a text. Adding any of these elements in the application is quite simple, and the process of doing so is given below:

Step 1: Launch SOOMUS and Sign In

After downloading and installing SOOMUS on your PC, launch the program, open the Options menu from the top-left corner of the main box, click Log In from the bottom of the list, and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up (if not already done so), and sign in to your SOOMUS account.

Step 2: Import PPT

On the main window, click Import PowerPoint and select and import a PowerPoint presentation from your local computer to SOOMUS.

Step 3: Import a Photo

During an ongoing SOOMUS session, go to the Add tab from the top of the right pane, click Choose from the Add visuals section, and then locate and import an image from your PC to the app.

Note: All the content that you import to SOOMUS can be found under the My Library category that can be accessed from the Add visuals section of the Add tab.

Step 4: Add Text and Start the Meeting/Recording

Use the method explained above to get to the Add tab, and enter your preferred text in the Add Text field to add the content to the presentation. Once everything is done, you can click Start Now to start a meeting or record a new video.


Change Your Way of Presentation From Now On.