How to use SOOMUS? Check below step by step.

How to Change Background

Background in SOOMUS means a virtual background that the participants of a video conference can use so the webcam doesn’t capture their office/home walls with dirty patches. Depending on the type of environment and the line of work the corporate is into, the attendees can select a relevant background from the app’s built-in library.

You can learn how to change a virtual background in SOOMUS by following the steps given below:

Note: Because virtual backgrounds are used to hide the background elements of live webcam footage, you can only switch to a different one when you are using SOOMUS in the ‘Presenter only’, ‘Overlay big’, or ‘Overlay small’ presentation mode. You can NOT use or change the background while using the program in the ‘Content only’ mode.

Step 1: Get to the Configuration Mode

Launch SOOMUS, click Create new video from the main box, and when the SOOMUS interface opens in editing mode, make the necessary changes here as needed, and then click Start Now from the bottom to get to the configuration mode.

Step 2: Check and Select a Correct Presentation Mode

Click to select your preferred presentation mode from the lower-left area of the Display screen. Make sure NOT to choose Content only as you won’t be able to use a background in that mode.

Step 3: Choose a Background

Go to the Background tab from the top of the right pane, ensure that the Recommended category is selected, and click to select your preferred virtual background from the library. Alternatively, you can also go to the My Library category from the Background tab itself, click the Photo/Video button, and import a custom photo or video from your PC to use it as a virtual background in SOOMUS.


Change Your Way of Presentation From Now On.