How to use SOOMUS? Check below step by step.

How to Change Presentation Mode

SOOMUS offers four presentation modes each of which has its own significance. The presentation modes can be changed when SOOMUS is in the editing mode, during an ongoing meeting session, or while recording a video. Nevertheless, the process of switching between the different presentation modes is identical at all stages.

You can learn how to switch between different presentation modes by following the instructions given below:

Step 1: Get to the SOOMUS Editing Mode

Launch SOOMUS on your computer, click Create new video or Import PowerPoint. This will open SOOMUS in editing mode with the default slides loaded, or it will ask you to import a PowerPoint presentation from your PC respectively.

Step 2: Check the Webcam Settings

When in editing mode, click the Options menu from the top-left corner, hover the mouse over the Camera List option, and see if the webcam that your PC has is selected. If any other camera is there in the list, and/or you cannot see your webcam, you can click the Refresh Camera List from the menu, click Yes on the User Account Control confirmation box, and then check again if the issue is fixed.

Next, open the Options menu again, hover the mouse over the Camera Settings option this time, and ensure that the Mirror camera in Soom Video option is checked. If not, do so manually.

Note: By default, the Overlay big presentation mode is selected.

Click any of the presentation icons from the lower-left section of the Display window to switch to that mode. Alternatively, you can open the Options menu, hover the mouse over the View option, and choose your preferred presentation mode from the submenu that appears.

The Four Presentation Modes

  • Presenter only

When you switch to this mode, all other elements along with the ‘Templates’ pane on the right are turned off, and the screen only displays the webcam footage of the presenter/host of the conference.

  • Overlay big

This mode is selected by default. Here the large area of the screen is covered by the webcam footage of the presenter/host of the conference, and the other imported elements and the text are displayed on the right.

  • Overlay small

This is the inverted form of ‘Overlay big’. Here, the webcam footage of the presenter/host of the conference is visible on a small screen that is present at the lower-left corner of the Display window.

  • Content only

In this presentation mode, the webcam footage of the presenter/host remains completely invisible, and only the contents are shown in the Display window.


Change Your Way of Presentation From Now On.