How to use SOOMUS? Check below step by step.

How to Open Camera

Because SOOMUS is a full-fledged video conferencing and recording tool that is specifically developed for corporates and professionals, the software allows you to use your PC’s webcam during the ongoing virtual meeting sessions.

By default, SOOMUS automatically detects the built-in or external webcam that is connected to your PC and gains its access as you launch the app. If this doesn’t happen, there are a couple of things you can try to open the camera in SOOMUS. The process to make SOOMUS use your webcam is given below:

Step 1: Check Camera Availability

Launch SOOMUS on your PC, and when the main box opens up, click Create a new video. You can also click Import PowerPoint and bring a *.ppt file to SOOMUS if you want to use a PowerPoint presentation during the conference. When in editing mode, click the Options button from the top-left corner, hover the mouse over the Camera List menu, and when the submenu appears, check if the camera that your PC has is present and is selected.

Step 2: Refresh the Camera List

Open the Options menu again, and click Refresh Camera List this time. When the User Account Control confirmation box appears, click Yes to grant SOOMUS permission to make necessary changes to detect and access the camera. After this is done, try closing and then relaunching SOOMUS again to see if it can open the camera.

Step 3: Check Camera Settings

Open the Options menu one more time, hover the mouse over Camera Settings, and ensure that the Mirror camera in SOOMUS Video option in the submenu is checked. If it isn’t, check the option manually, and then restart SOOMUS to see if the issue is fixed.


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