How to use SOOMUS? Check below step by step.

How to Record Video

SOOMUS has a built-in video recorder that enables you to record every activity that takes place within the Display screen. Simply put, all the contents that you add or import, the PowerPoint presentations that you use, and even the annotations that you mark using the Pointer tool get recorded.

The good thing is, SOOMUS doesn’t record any mouse movements, and therefore the video presentation that gets captured looks quite professional and obstruction-free. Also, once you are done recording, SOOMUS asks you to choose a location to save the video, and the footage is saved in MP4 format for global compatibility.

You can follow the instructions given below to learn how to use SOOMUS to record and save footage on your PC:

Step 1: Get to the Configuration Mode

Launch SOOMUS on your PC, and click Create new video from the main box that comes up. When in editing mode, make the required adjustments like switching to your preferred presentation mode, customizing watermark settings, picking a template, adding text, or importing photos and PowerPoint presentations, etc. Once done, click Start Now from the bottom to get to the configuration mode.

Step 2: Set Up Recording Preferences

If any presentation mode other than Content only is selected, from the For speaker tab of the pane on the right, use the options present under the Camera Settings and Beauty & Filter Effect sections to set up the recording preferences that best suit your brand theme. Optionally, go to the Background tab from the top of the right pane, and choose your preferred background for the Display screen.

Step 3: Record and Save the Video

Once everything is set up, click Record from the bottom of the interface, and perform all the activities naturally. To save the recording, click Done. When the preview window opens up, click Save Video from the bottom-right corner of the window, and save the video to your preferred folder on your PC with the file name of your choice. Optionally, you can also click the Play button on the preview window to review and check if the recorded video is acceptable before saving the footage on your computer.


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